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Exclusive guided museum tours with SKA

18/01/2018 10:50

The Downfall Tour: See where Adolf Hitler committed suicide and the 2. World War ended

Discover on this tour through Berlin’s center the downfall of the 3rd Reich and the final days of the 2nd World War. At first we show you the Nazi headquarters of power and terror – Himmler’s SS, Görings Air Force Defense Ministry, Goebbel’s Propaganda Ministry. From the former complex of Hitler’s...
25/06/2012 10:38

Friederisiko - 300th Birthday of King Frederick the Great

  On the occasion of the 300th birthday anniversary of King Frederick the Great, Potsdam - the city of palaces - will be in the centre of action. Nowhere else in Germany have the Prussian Kings left behind such tremendous marks than on Potsdam, today’s Federal State Capital of Brandenburg....
20/07/2011 16:12

The romantic tour of Potsdam

Just a little way off the classic tourist track, you can discover Potsdam’s exceptional charisma. It is those baroque streets of lesser prominence, the hidden squares, the parks and refuges on the outskirts that make up Potsdam’s true elegance. Here is an essentially peaceful Potsdam, epitomizing...
14/06/2011 13:15

Enjoy a Spree cruise like in a Jaguar!

The Schoenebeck-Fleet has a new ship: The "Barbara II". This is a highly elegant "sports car boat" and has enough space for up to 6 passengers. We offer different cruises through Berlin's Historical Centre or to the beach clubs along the waterside... Would you like an extraordinary cruising...
07/12/2010 16:41

Meet Queen Nefertiti with our Egypt-Specialist

The Neue Museum, part of the World Cultural Heritage Berliner Museumsinsel in the late classicistic style is one of the most important museum buildings of the 19. century. Since its reopening in October 2009 it contains the Egyptian Museum with its papyrus collection and the famous iconic bust...


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