Our Tours

Walking tours through the Historical Centre

Discover the secrets of Berlin's localities on foot. We open hidden doors and show you places that you won't find in your tourist guide: architecture and townplanning, the 'in' scene and nightlife.


Ride on a bike into the history

Take a bike to ride with us on quiet paths, through the stormy epochs of old and new Germany between Berlin and Potsdam to see history and culture. Bike tours are - in our eyes -  the best way to discover the city!


Welcome on Board! See Berlin from the Waterside.

Spreeathen - the city is characterized by its waterways; it has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam together! Take in views of Berlin's beauty spots, seen from a totally different perspective. We have the right boat for every group size!


Discover the wonderful Potsdam by boat

Potsdam, Berlin's little sister, is in a marvelous process of rebeautification. And, it is an island, too, that is to be discovered pantasticly by boat.
Look for the new cruise of Schoenebeck-Kulturarrangements!


Day Trips to the Countryside

Are you interested in our exclusive daytrips that we undertake in the countryside around Berlin, at the Baltic coast and at the Polish-German border? We have developed exciting trips to the Oder-Nationalpark, to the famous landscape gardens of Fürst Pückler in Branitz and Bad Muskau, and a car tour along the marvelous seaside in the area between Rostock and Warnemunde.


Exclusive tours through the museums

You probably know this too: guides masses in the museums, restricted by the official time schedule and always a bit under pressure - mostly without the possibility for individual questions and reconnaissances.  Schoenebeck-Kulturarrangements offers you an interesting alternative - for all who want more.



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