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Kado – The Liquorice Shop

  In the heart of the Graefe area in Kreuzberg Ilse Boege’s little liquorice shop is situated., Come by, come inside and let yourself be enchanted by the scent and aroma of our liquorice. Since the opening in 1997, this is where Ilse keeps her black treasures – more 400 varieties, from Iceland...

The Doc Blue Jazz Band

The 'Doc Blue' Musician's Cooperative offers different live music programmes, which can be performed by small or medium sized bands: Entertainment Jazz (Swing, Blues, Bossa Nova) Blues/Rock'n Roll Oldies Latin Music (Tango, Samba, Rhumba, Calypso) - as background music as well as music for...

The Restaurant-Café "Hackescher Hof"

The restaurant-café “Hackescher Hof“ is situated directly at the Hackescher Markt and provides the entrée into the Hackesche Höfe. Its discreet-stylish ambience reminds of the culture of coffee houses in the twenties. With its in-house patisserie, a voluminous food offer and an exquisite wine...

The Sophien'Eck Restaurant

Here you have a traditional Berlin Restaurant with cosy atmosphere. Besides of fresh and regional cuisine, there are international dishes, too. Well selected wines and seven beers on drought are kindly offered.   www.sophieneck-berlin.de

The Chamaeleon Variety Theatre

The legendary variety in the Hackesche Höfe has every night a splendid programme with juggles, lyrics, dance, acrobatics, music and comedy. Besides you are in Berlin’s most beautiful art-deco-style place. The Chamäleon-Show is the final of your evening tour "The secrets of the...

The MietradMitte Bike Rental

If you are motivated after the interesting bike tours of Schoenebeck-Kulturarrangements, then Stephan Sauer's Mietradmitte will be the right adress for you: here you can rent high-quality and professional serviced, but inexpensive bikes for your own individual Berlin...

The karlito Apartmenthaus

For each Berlin visitors (up to 4 persons) is the karlito Apartmenthaus a good alternative to a hotel with nice apartments, an exquisite service and its central and quiet location in the "Scheunenviertel" nearby the "Hackescher Markt" in Berlin's centre - and its low prices... An...


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