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If you would like to experience Berlin entirely different, you are in good hands with Schoenebeck-Kulturarrangements (SKA)! Our interpretation of ‘entirely different': individualistic, exclusive, charming, and with commitment... 

Based on this philosophy, Schoenebeck-Kulturarrangements’ (SKA) team organizes and conducts tours and excursions within and around Berlin since 1997. We love both the exciting facets of the metropolis as well as the cultural and rural charm of its surrounds. We are continually looking for new places of interest for you to discover, restaurants to try out, comfortable hotels to stay in, ‘cool’ clubs to chill out in. 

Tobias von Schoenebeck, founder and head of Schoenebeck-Kulturarrangements  (SKA), has created a team of art historians, architects and artists, - all of them Berlin enthusiasts, set to impart to you the secrets of Berlin and the marvels of the Brandenburg March in its fascinating and competent manner. 

... in short: we want you to have an unforgettable stay!




Tobias v. Schoenebeck


Reuterstraße 85


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