The Secrets of the Courtyards in Berlin-Mitte


Discover amidst the guided promenade the unique and wonderfully renovated courtyards of the late 19th century, the tolerance mile in which Protestants, Catholics and Jews lived peacefully next to each other and live again today, the oldest preserved church in the Berlin centre, the mercurial art scene with innovative galleries, art collections and studios, ingenious businesses and cool bars. 

On a lively walk through the best preserved quarter of the Berlin old town, the Spandauer Vorstadt,  we introduce you to personalities which performed here and lived: the lieutenant general Hans-Christoph v. Hacke, the queen Sophie Luise, the Prussian Sappho Anna Luisa Karschin, the brave policeman Wilhelm Kruetzfeld and others.   

Have history and histories from three centuries on a stroll through the streets of this quarter!


Date:        Please, state your desired date and time!

Duration:  appr. 2 hours

Start:        1. Hackescher Hof, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41

Price:       See "Our Prices"


Tobias v. Schoenebeck

Reuterstraße 85


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