On unknown pathes through the romantic Potsdam!


Just a little way off the classic tourist track, you can discover Potsdam’s exceptional charisma. It is those baroque streets of lesser prominence, the hidden squares, the parks and refuges on the outskirts that make up Potsdam’s true elegance. Here is an essentially peaceful Potsdam, epitomizing a romantic dream on the fringe of the frenetic metropolis. It is this dream, coupled with an insatiable yearning for Italy, that Prince and King Frederick William the Fourth (1795-1861) in particular lived out. We will set off in search of his park grounds and thus experience the creative power of distinguished architects such as Knobelsdorff, Schinkel and Persius, as well as landscape gardeners such as Lenné and Sello. Some outstanding features will include the Charlottenhof palace and the Roman baths with their surrounding romantic gardens, the Russian Colony Alexandrowka and the Belvedere palace which commands a view from the Pfingstberg.

Date:        Please, name us your desired date and time!

Start:       "Fahrradstation" Potsdam per Pedals, Potsdam Central Station
                or at your hotel

Duration:  min. 3 hours

Bike rental: At "Fahrradstation" Potsdam per Pedales
                  We have comfortable tour bikes and also
                  E-Bikes for you. Price per bike = from 10,00 € on.


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