The Berlin-Bunker-Tour - places of historical abysses

Starting at the „Creepy Museum" at Anhalter Bahnhof this tour takes you to the sites of different bunkers in Berlin’s centre. We pass the site of the Führerbunker of Adolf Hitler, the government quarter and the new Central Station to end the tour at S-Bf. Gesundbrunnen. Here, after a lunch break, we will be guided through the Anti-Air-Force-Bunker on the Humboldthain or the Air-Raid-Drill in the station by the colleagues of the "Berliner Unterwelten".



Date:        Please, state your desired date and time

Duration:  approx. 4,5 hours (incl. lunch break)

Start:       At your hotel or at bike rental station

Price:      See "Our Prices"

Extra:     Fee for the guided bunker tour

Bikes:      See "Our Prices" -> Bikes to rent


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