MS "Josephine" and "Philippa" are inviting to dinner - delicious surprises on the waves of the Spree river

Sightseeing and gormandize - that offer the Schoenebeck-Kulturarrangements (SKA) with their evening boat trips on board of MS "Josephine" (see picture left- max. no. of participants: 45) and "Philippa" (picture above - max. no. of participants: 80). During a 3-hour-tour you’ll have a spectacular view at the centre of Berlin from the river Spree and Landwehrkanal and you can serve yourself from a formidable seafood buffet. Along your tour we tell you the story of the sights that we’re passing over.


Dinner-Ship-Cruise on MS Josephine and MS Philippa:

Date:        Please, state your desired date and time!

Duration:  min. 3 hours

Start/End: Urban Harbour, Carl-Herz-Ufer

Price     (including ship charter, skipper, guidance and buffet ) =

            a) MS Josephine: from 65,00 € per person
               (min. booking 35 PAX, max.50 PAX)
            b) MS Philippa:  from 75,00 € per person
                (min. booking 45 PAX, max. 80 PAX)


Tobias v. Schoenebeck

Reuterstraße 85

+49-(0)30-691 55 08

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