Meet Queen Nefertiti with our Egypt-Specialist

Schoenebeck-Kulturarrangements proudly offers guided tours through Berlin’s antique collections on Museum Island. Mr. Claus Groß has studied law, history, philosophy and germanistic. For a long time he worked as a cultural travel guide in various countries, especially in Egypt. Now he can show you the antique treasures of the Pergamon-Museum, the Old Museum, the New Museum or the Old National Gallery. Get in contact with Berlin’s “most beautiful woman”, the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, introduced be our passionate Egypt-specialist.



Date:        Please, state your desired time and date

Duration:  appr. 90 minutes

Start:       At the Colonnades of the Neues Museum

Price:      basic price for 2 persons    =    180,00 € (incl. Entrance fee)
               every further person plus 18,00 €

Extra:      If you like, we arrange a Berlin Centre tour
                before or after your Museum Tour!


Tobias v. Schoenebeck

Reuterstraße 85

+49-(0)30-691 55 08

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