Let's go to Pankow - a Berlin district through the ages

Pankow - for many a name synonymous with the communist GDR, its structures and its representatives. And at the same time this part of the city, rich in history, has several faces: see the villas, parks and the an unhappy queen's palace (Schoenhausen) - our tour includes a guided visit of the Schoenhausen Palace-Museum! Learn about inventors, officials and poets. And be initiated into the secret of why the Alte Fritz (King Frederick II.) never came to Pankow.


Date:        Please, state your desired date and time!

Duration:  appr. 2 hours (incl. 45 min. visit of Schoenhausen Palace!)

Start:       U+S-Station Pankow

Price:      See "Our Prices"

Extra:     entrance fee for Schoenhausen Palace, 5,00 € p.P.


Tobias v. Schoenebeck


Reuterstraße 85


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