The Special Bike Tour to Pankow!

21/01/2011 12:07

In January 2011, Berlin celebrated the opening of the new musical "Behind the Horizon - Hinterm Horizont". In 1983, the mucical song writer Udo Lindenberg set our - in vain - to look for the "Special Train to Pankow". Now Schoenebeck-Kulturarrangements has a new bike tour for you ... and Udo Lindenberg: The Special Bike Tour to Pankow! We'll show you a way that's not only marvellous, but also most interesting.

Here are just some of the stops on this tour:

  • The former spa at Gesundbrunnen (Fountain of Health) in Wedding
  • The Citizens' Park in Pankow
  • The "little city" in which GDR leaders lived, hermetically sealed off from the rest of the populace until 1960.
  • The Schönhausen Palace (with a tour of the interior!)
    Schönhausen was the summer residence of Elizabeth Christine, the neglected wife of King Frederick II. From 1949-1960, it was the official residence of Wilhelm Pieck, the one and only president of the GDR; it subsequently became the GDR government's guest house (Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat, and Michail Gorbachew were just some of its guests!).

On our way back to the city centre, we'll also show you some striking spots in Berlin's distinctive borough, Prenzlauer Berg (The Brewery for Culture, the Kollwitz square, the Water Tower etc.).

The tour will last approximately four hours, and it will excite you!


Tobias v. Schoenebeck

Reuterstraße 85


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