The Secrets of the East Side Gallery

05/10/2017 14:58

The longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall has a length of 1286 meters and is situated at the shore of the Spree River between the Oberbaumbrücke (most beautiful bridge of Berlin) and the East Station (Ostbahnhof). In spring 1990 here met 118 artists from 21 different countries and painted 100 pictures with various artificial styles to give there commentary to the political changes of the years 1989/1990. See these pictures on a stunning promenade along the East Side Gallery and get informed about the border situation between East- and Westberlin, learn more about the city development since the Wall came down and what will happen here in the future!

Meeting point: The guided tour starts at the nhow Hotel at the Osthafen (Eastern Harbour). You can chose tours of 1 hour and 2 hours.

Come and enjoy the East-West-Experience!


Tobias v. Schoenebeck

Reuterstraße 85


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