Our New Bike Tour: The Berlin Wall Trail Bike Tour

06/05/2014 17:55

2014 it is already 25 years ago when the Berlin Wall fell (1989)! We take this anniversary to give you a discovery tour to look what still exists of the former fortifications and what developed along the old border between West-Berlin and the GDR. Therefore we guide you on a special part of the Berlin Wall Trail: the scenic area between the S-Stations Lichtenrade and Griebnitzsee (appr. 32 km). Whilst biking on the control path of the Border Soldiers we’ll see e.g. the world’s longest cherry tree alley, the Allied Checkpoint Bravo, the Helicopter landing place in Steinstücken, until we finally reach the former control station Griebnitzsee. An exciting, fascinating and historically gravid tour!




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