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Stephen und Nancy Hales aus New Orleans, Louisiana, USA:

Our Coast Tour in Mecklenburg on Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Warnemunde is a port city in the Mecklenburg region on Germany's Baltic
coast; it and the other cities we visited were part of East Germany. They
are happier places now.

Tobias v. Schoenebeck, our driver and guide, showed us as much
of Mecklenburg as could reasonably be accommodated in nine hours or so, some
of them spent screaming along the Autobahn.

Besides to churches (how could there not be churches?), Tobias took us to
two of Germany's first "baths," seaside resorts which became popular in the
18th century. They still are. We also visited Germany's first horse racing

Several Mecklenburg cities, especially Wismar, were significant commercial
centers from the Middle Ages on. Many structures and churches survive,
including the church/monastery complex at Bad Doberan dating from the 12th
Century. The 14th Century altar cross incorporates green elements depicting
the tree of life, and the winged (hinged) altarpiece may be the oldest
surviving example anywhere.

We found a well-preserved medieval center, and several wonderful churches,
in Wismar. Our favorite was the Holy Spirit Church, a 13th Century hospital
that became a church in the 14th Century. It had a vaulted ceiling until a
nearby powder tower exploded in the 16th Century; painted beams now help
support a painted flat ceiling.

So, ancient churches, race tracks, sea-side bathing spas, and the
autobahn--a full day in Mecklenburg.

Love from Amsterdam,

Stephen and Nancy

Das Münster von Bad Doberan
Nancy Hales und Tobias v. Schoenebeck

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